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Jonathan Stein Counseling

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Encouraging, Safe, And Compassionate

“I wanted to tell you how grateful I have been for the support that you provided me.  Our work together was crucial to getting me out of my head and into this new territory of the body and my feelings. Thank you so much for your gifts.”   ~ Jan 2, 2019 ~

Jonathan, you create a very safe and calming environment for me to direct my attention towards myself, to feel my feelings, and to find my own strength. Your sessions provide a working model of the process of learning to be with one’s self. That’s something that I want to explore much more. I found value in this approach through my work with you that I did not see before. In the past, my experiences with meditation, mindfulness or Buddhism have not been positive. The “gentle” exterior voice and demeanor of many practitioners I’ve come across did not feel genuine to me — I often felt they were acting a part, and I also didn’t like the individual/inward focus, so I found myself resisting their teachings. But you are simply genuine. That’s rare. It’s as simple as that. It allowed me to give it a chance. While I am still a macro scientist and don’t tend to think on the individual level –I am seeing there is truly a lot of value in focusing my attention on myself now. I think that is exactly what I need to be doing right now emotionally, and thank you for helping me to see that it matters. I am going to continue to work on this myself and I will want to come back to receive more guidance. Oh –one last thing I wanted to mention…I know we only briefly touched on grief work in our sessions. But it was extremely helpful when you just listened and also when you said that grief can take a very long time and there can be beauty in it because it shows how much we really loved the person (that died). I found your grief approach extremely helpful for my life in general. I am applying it now to past deaths and big losses in my life where I was encouraged by others at the time to “get over it” quickly and I am now realizing that I need to allow myself the space that even now, it’s okay to feel pangs of grief no matter how long ago it happened — to not try to get rid of my grief or feel guilty about it, but to see that it’s something profoundly human. Thank you for that. I can see how your grief groups are very healing for people, as there needs to be a space we give ourselves to grieve rather than trying to get it to just go away.”   ~ Dec 1, 2017 ~

“I found Jonathan to be very warm, open, non-judging and creative in his approach to healing. I often have a hard time establishing trust in a clinical setting and felt very safe with his down to earth, non-hierarchical, and respectful style. He has helped me through challenges and I feel like I have found an ally in him. He is a grounded presence that I know I can turn to in times of need.”   ~ Nov 3, 2016 ~

Jonathan Stein has a keen sense and awareness of what is needed during times of crisis and just figuring things out about work/life balance, relationships, etc. He has the ability to create a space in which one can reconnect with oneself. I highly recommend him if you are seeking a counselor who can guide you through the “darker” times in your life. He will help you discover new life and light.   ~ June 10, 2016 ~

Deeply Healing And Informative

“I participated in Coming Home to Grief both as Jonathan’s assistant and as a participant, and I found the experience to be DEEPLY healing and educational. Jonathan creates a safe, sacred, soothing place to feel and be with whatever needs to be expressed, which made everyone in the group feel comfortable being present and supportive of one another in each session. His employment of different creative arts was hugely helpful for me, as I am naturally a creative person and am constantly seeking more outlets for my grief and energy in general. Jonathan himself is creative, patient, experienced and understanding. I HIGHLY recommend Coming Home to Grief to anyone, whether you have experienced a sudden loss or many over a lifetime, as I have. The 8-week workshop completely transformed both my understanding of grief and personal relationship to it. I have integrated my grief into all the other parts of my life and I feel more whole than ever. Thank you so much, Jonathan, for doing this work!!!”   ~ Apr 13, 2016 ~

“A friend of mine found the Coming Home to Grief group online. I was attracted by the Expressive Arts approach, and that was a helpful way to focus the enormous energy that grief was taking in my life. After the sudden, traumatic death of my soul-mate, there was no way that ordinary everyday relationships and spaces could feel emotionally safe for me. Jonathan created a group structure where everyone had time to be heard and supported, and be met wherever we happened to be. There was no judging or advising, just respectful listening that honored each of us in our particular life story. This will be a long process for me and it is not over or solved. But I needed a supportive place to focus on the devastation and its aftermath, and I got it in Jonathan’s group. I may do the group again if I feel the need.”   ~ Mar 31, 2016 ~

“Thank you so much for facilitating such a fun and healing Coming Home to Grief group…I would really like to continue doing this kind of inner work as I really thrive with the Expressive Arts. This group really helped to hold me up during a challenging time and each time I came something transformed internally. Thanks again, looking forward to the next one…”   ~ Jan 4, 2016 ~

“Jonathan is lovely to work with, creates a safe, gentle and accepting space for any experience. The ‘Coming Home to Grief’ process that he runs makes it possible to experience grief in a light way. It didn’t have to be dramatic and deeply cathartic to be transformational.”   ~ Dec 7, 2015 ~

“The sessions that I did with Jonathan affected me so deeply. I’ve been to many therapists, but there’s nowhere else I’d consider going to do that kind of work. He offered a very unusual and powerful way of helping me working on myself.”   ~ Jul 21, 2015 ~

Creative, Intuitive, Attuned

“Jonathan exceeded what I have found in normal therapists. He brings a kind of creativity to his work that is very unusual and what I found to be most profound was his strong intuition and acute sensitivity and ability to attune to the issues I was dealing with.”   ~ Apr 11, 2015 ~

“I just want to thank you. I mean, thank you so much. You made such a difference in my life.”   ~ Dec 28, 2014 ~

“Jonathan’s support was invaluable to me. When I originally came to see him, I was literally a mess. I could barely stop crying, feeling like my life was wasted. He really helped me put my life on track.”   ~ Mar 30, 2014 ~

Comfortable, Natural, And Spacious

“Jonathan’s guidance in helping me empathize with my partner has significantly improved my relationship (and my communication skills). Thanks so much, Jonathan!”   ~ Feb 27, 2013 ~

“I wish I found [Jonathan] years ago. I probably wouldn’t have spent so much time stumbling around, trying to figure out what to do with my life.”   ~ Nov 15, 2012 ~ 

“Jonathan is a hidden jewel in a world that has forgotten what really matters. I’m so glad I discovered him because he helped me re-discover myself.”   ~ May 2, 2012 ~

“One of the most useful things for me about Jonathan’s therapy was his use of himself. He is calm, honest, straightforward, doesn’t couch what he says in any jargon; he is very present and mindful. Simply the quality of his presence helped me experience a more mindful, less anxious way of being with and interacting with others….and since I came to Jonathan wanting to work on my ability to be more confident about how I am with friendships, etc, the experience of sitting with him in the room due to the above qualities, was very useful. I think Jonathan’s therapeutic style– to not just talk about the problem but to experience it in the room–is super, even though uncomfortable for me at times. I also benefitted from J’s very, very non-judgemental stance.”   ~ Dec 11, 2011 ~