The Good News About All The Horrible Things You Tell Yourself

Good News About That Lonely Road You Believe You’re On

As you may know, I love diving deep into the issues that emerge during my private sessions, especially those recurring patterns that just keep popping up. And let me tell you, there’s one issue that always takes center stage—the persistent voice in our heads that sees the cup as perpetually half empty. It’s like a chronic complainer, never satisfied with anything. Nothing seems quite right or perfect, and even when it is, it’s fleeting, here today, gone tomorrow. It’s no wonder we find ourselves endlessly searching for something solid and unchanging, something we can rely on—yes, even our own self-concepts.

But here’s the kicker: the most challenging part is how this egoic voice sneaks into our thinking without us even realizing it (until, of course, we do become aware). We’re under the illusion that we’re all alone in our thoughts, believing that nobody else could possibly be going through or comprehending what we’re experiencing. It can feel like a lonely road, I know. I’ve been there. But fear not, for I bring you good news!

The Ego Is A Broken Record Player

The ego is like a broken record player, endlessly repeating its tired old lines to all of us. And let’s be honest, the content it dishes out is about as exciting as watching paint dry, and as destructive to ourselves and others as breathing the fumes! Seriously, take a moment to reflect on the stuff you’ve been buying into, and you’ll realize just how underwhelming it is.

Prepare yourself for some classic ego hits: “I’m unworthy! I’ll never succeed! She’s the problem, not me! Failure is my middle name! I might as well throw in the towel. I’ll give it another shot next year. This whole existence just isn’t my thing. Ugh, I’m tired. I can’t stand this person or that one. I’m about as skilled as a blindfolded juggler,” and on and on it goes.

A Remix Gone Wrong

But here’s the real kicker: the ego is an ancient, outdated program that we cooked up ourselves before we actually understood what we were doing or how much we would be hurting ourselves. It’s like taking God’s thoughts (or call them the thoughts of your Authentic Self, Inner Therapist, Higher Mind, whatever floats your boat) and flipping them upside down. That is EXACTLY what the ego does! In fact, that’s ALL it does. Talk about a remix gone wrong!

And get this, those so-called private thoughts we hold onto like precious treasures? They’re as private as a billboard on Times Square. Once we dare to share them, we quickly realize they’re as common as day-old bread. Stale and far from unique.

The Ego’s Sideshow (Yawn…)

But here’s the good news: when we gather the courage to expose the ego’s sacred cows and spill the beans to the “group,” it’s a game-changer. It’s like a weight off our shoulders, a breath of fresh air. The ego absolutely hates that, by the way. It wants us to think we’re special in our suffering, that nobody else gets it. But guess what happens when we open up? We hear echoes of “Oh, I’ve been there too!” Wait, you have? I thought it was my own personal circus! Nope, that’s just the ego’s sideshow.

Now, here’s the real mind-boggler. If you, me, and a hundred other folks are all receiving the same ego-induced message, then it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! This definitely isn’t our natural, brilliant thinking at work.

Getting Unstuck from the Muck

Armed with this newfound awareness, we can start separating ourselves from the ego’s shenanigans. But if we insist on playing the solo game, keeping our private thoughts locked up, it’s like trying to juggle flaming torches blindfolded. It’s a lot harder to grasp the truth and realize that who we actually are in Truth is not the one behind these crazy thoughts after all. It’s the ego. The false self. The sooner you can recognize this and divest your allegiance from its warped thought system, the sooner you will be on your way to living happily, and peacefully, the way you have always wished you could.

This will be a HUGE step in exposing and eradicating a voice in your mind that is not true, never has been true, and will never actually have anything to say to you that is helpful. Its goal is to keep you stuck and in the muck. This is a positive and necessary step in learning to discern what is true and not true in your mind and to make the shift over to investing your trust in the Authentic Self, your true Inner Therapist.

A Few Tips From A Friend On The Road

If you want a head start on the road to discovering your “not aloneness,” here are a few hints to consider:

  1. First off, if you keep everything locked away in the depths of your mind, whether out of shame or any other reason, you won’t uncover the truth I’m sharing here. You must be willing to “out yourself” and expose the thoughts that have been weighing you down. In doing so, you’ll realize that those unpleasant, happiness-stealing thoughts you’ve been clinging to hold no real power, and, guess what, they aren’t even true!
  2. Recognize that whatever you believe, it’s a creation of your own mind. It has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. Embracing your accountability for your own experiences is a crucial factor in your liberation!
  3. Be open to emotional transparency and vulnerability, both with yourself and with others. If you hold back and keep your true self hidden, you’ll never free yourself from unnecessary burdens, and you’ll miss out on discovering the truth in what I’m sharing! 🙂
  4. When you take inventory of your inner landscape and bravely share the darkness you’ve been harboring, which you mistakenly believed was solely about you, be radically self-honest and defenseless. There’s genuinely nothing to fear because none of the self-critical thoughts you’ve been entertaining hold any truth. They’re simply the misguided ramblings of a mind segment that loves to spout falsehoods and try to convince you they’re valid.

And here’s one last thing to consider: see if you can tap into a bit of gratitude for recognizing this insidious pattern within your mind. Can you feel grateful that you’re learning that you are not alone in any of this? Because the truth is, you really aren’t alone!