Are you sensing something about “being a man” that is calling for your attention now?


Are you questioning what it means to be a man in today’s world and whether therapy for men might be right for you?  Do you find that you are discouraged, disenchanted or uninspired by the models of masculinity that our culture offers, and yet sense there is another way to live as a powerful man? It may be that you find yourself stuck in old ways of behaving that don’t serve you or create satisfying relationships in your life.  Do you yearn for male role models who transmit a sense of depth, inner strength, courage, emotional intelligence, and heart?

Maybe you feel trapped in a “nice guy” personality and wish you were more connected to and less intimidated by your innate and natural fierceness as a man.  Perhaps you find yourself challenged to discover your deeper values or struggle with a lot of negative self-talk that has you living a smaller life than you know is possible.  Do you find yourself uncomfortable or avoiding difficult feelings like sadness, anger or vulnerability?

More than ever before, the world needs deeply embodied, directed, and conscious men who trust themselves, know their gifts, and know how to offer them.  This service is for men who are asking tough questions about the direction of their life, what they have to contribute to creating a better world, and who genuinely want to connect deeply with their purpose and passion.  

We live in a time of great flux on the planet and today, men are feeling called to live more meaningful lives; they aspire to bring forth and share their gifts and talents and make a positive difference rather than spend their days in meaningless jobs merely to earn a paycheck.  And yet, making the transition from this old way of being requires courage and can be difficult without guidance and support from another man who is farther along in this process of self-actualization.

The journey I facilitate with men is about becoming.  It is a process of landing deeply into life with heart open, blinders removed, and passions ignited.  Together we will explore what kind of man you are called to be in these times.  In other words, we will explore the question: what personal qualities do you aspire to embody?  Being your true Self and bringing your vision to fruition begins with your ability to visualize (see), embody (feel) and stabilize (become) the personal qualities that are emerging.  It also requires you to be able to see, feel and healthily assimilate (stabilize) both the pains and pleasures of what it means to be a human being in a flesh and blood body at this time in history.

In our work together, we will also look at what prevents you from fully expressing your essential nature (the qualities that will propel you toward the manifestation of your desires) and how to move through both inner and outer obstacles along the way.  The very challenges unique to your life provide you with opportunities for learning and growth that inform your deeper purpose.

*I welcome adult clients of any race, color, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship style, religion (or non-religion), creed, body size, etc.  All are welcome!

** This service is offered to anyone who identifies as a man.