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Are you grappling with anxiety, depression, grief, or relationship problems? Have you experienced body image or eating challenges? Are you unsure of what your life means? Are you struggling with a sense of fear or dread that you can’t quite place? Are you feeling empty, alone, and hopeless? In therapy, we will work together towards balance, purpose, and even joy. You can find relief from persistent feelings of sadness or anxiety. You don’t have to go it alone. I can help. We will draw from mindfulness, focusing, and other tools to help you grow and heal. Contact me via phone, text, or email. I am looking forward to helping!

The help that I offer lays the foundation for something very special to happen in your life.  In our work together, I bring three decades of experience to support you as we explore your current life challenges and unique relationship with your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  Through our sessions together, you will embark on a path toward feeling better while at the same time learning to be with your whole being in a truly dignified and compassionate way, empowering both yourself and your life.

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