I’m afraid of what I might find inside myself.

It’s entirely natural to feel fear about stepping into the unknown. You don’t know what you will find as we work together, and you may even imagine that you won’t be able to handle what you feel or what you discover about yourself. I can assure you that we will walk through the darkness together, slowly, carefully, at a pace that feels right for you.

Whatever you discover inside you is sacred and welcome—your anger, disgust, sadness, shame, guilt, and hopelessness, as well as your joy. There is nothing inside you that would scare me away or cause me to judge you. And, you may be surprised by the strength you discover at your core.

Will holistic mental health treatment change my life in big ways?

Many people worry that our sessions will bring about overwhelming change. Change can indeed feel like a difficult experience. But, if you are in pain right now, resisting change can be even harder. Predictably, change for the better does occur, as we would wish. And while this kind of change can feel uncomfortable at times, it is almost always gentle and well within your tolerance level.

Throughout our journey together, my role is not to dictate your actions or determine your path. Instead, I will guide you in deepening your trust in your Wise Self – the part of you that intuitively knows the way forward. As you learn to slow down, let go, and release old beliefs and identities that no longer serve you, you will embrace a more genuine and authentic expression of yourself.

If I get professional help, I’m worried that I’ll be judged and stigmatized.

Statistics suggest that the percentage of Americans pursuing professional support for their life challenges has increased to nearly 22%, up from 19% in 2019. The days of being stigmatized for seeking this kind of help are a thing of the past. There is nothing shameful about getting help for the things you struggle with. Sessions are completely confidential, so you can share openly and honestly. I deeply respect and honor how challenging your life feels right now, and I see you as being fundamentally healthy and whole.

Instead of judging, diagnosing, or pathologizing you, I hold that your symptoms are signs that a completely normal and natural process of inner re-organization, healing, and maturation is underway. You are exactly where you need to be, and I can help you recognize this and find your way through it. A life of joy and fulfillment is truly within reach.

I’m ashamed that I need help addressing my fear.

Through experience, I have discovered that virtually everyone feels some degree of embarrassment about this. Understandably, many people are hesitant to seek professional support because they have learned that needing help is a sign of weakness and therefore believe that they need to handle it alone.

Drawing from my extensive background in clinical practice as a former therapist, I've discovered that fear of this kind ranks among the top five most common human experiences. Invariably, individuals who seek support from a caring and empathetic professional find that their decision to do so was a wise one. I offer a safe, welcoming, and confidential space for my clients to share what’s on their minds and in their hearts.

I’m worried that something is really wrong with me.

Contrary to the standard cultural narrative, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, self-doubt, etc. are not problems but rather signposts on the path to deeper understanding. They are expressions of your innate intelligence—of something within you telling you that a shift in perspective is possible and indeed ready to occur. The process that I facilitate allows for a gentle investigation into the root cause of your symptoms and helps you become harmoniously attuned to your deeper wisdom, rather than being at odds with it. Holistic mental health sessions can help you see that nothing is or ever was wrong with you.

Through cultural messaging, many people have learned that struggling mentally or emotionally means something is wrong with them as if they had a disorder. Though internal conflict and upheaval can be intense and at times debilitating, I prefer to normalize them as dynamic experiences that are alive with creative possibility, and the intelligent emergence of an opportunity to release limiting beliefs to feel whole again.

What if I discover something bad or wrong about myself during treatment?

This work sometimes requires stepping into unfamiliar territory. Many people are afraid of what they might discover about themselves in the process. The process of healing through anxiety, for example—without further avoiding discomfort—will likely require your willingness to be curious and open as you look within. However, in my experience, people are well-equipped to go through whatever is showing up in their lives, even if that “whatever” seems like it might be really big and scary. Your capacity to rewrite your story, relax your nervous system, and find new meaning is already written inside of you.

It can be frightening to get to know yourself, especially if it’s been a long time since you last checked in. In this fast-paced, productivity-focused world, it’s easy to go through the motions and forget to nurture and attend to our Wise Self. That doesn’t mean you have done anything wrong or that anything about you is wrong. You just might feel out of balance because you don’t fully know or feel connected to who you are, and therefore don’t know how to make decisions that serve your authentic self. With the right support and guidance, you can gain the deep self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance needed to see your whole self, without judgment.

Everyone else gets through life transitions without help. Why can’t I?

Even though it may not look like it, in truth, most people struggle with change, avoid decision-making, feel anxious or depressed at times, and question their purpose. You are not alone, and seeking help is not a sign of weakness. I can help let go of the pressure to have it all together. In sessions, you can develop the internal skills needed for finding your purpose and enacting manageable changes that move you toward the life you want.

I doubt you can understand what I’m going through.

Your experience is unique to you, and I won’t pretend to have all the answers. That said, I am here to offer you understanding and acceptance. I know what it’s like to go through the turmoil of life transitions, and I know how hard it is to feel utterly lost and alone. I can help you feel seen and valued, just as you are. No matter what you’re struggling with, it is possible to regain your hopes and dreams.

What if resistance comes up during our work together?

It's absolutely okay if resistance shows up during our work together. In some cases, the resistance might feel so convincing that you feel like stopping sessions. You may find yourself getting easily distracted or pulled in other directions, or you may find a million other reasons not to continue – that's normal. Don't worry. Resistance is part of the process and honestly, when it comes up, it's usually a good sign that you're making progress. You've got the courage and inner resources to face whatever difficult feelings and beliefs emerge. In fact, I can say with certainty that any resistance that is coming up is only coming up because it's ready to be released. Together, we'll navigate through them, making your healing journey even richer.

I feel even worse since we started meeting. What’s going on?

In the world of mental and emotional healing work, there's a term called "the therapeutic paradox." It's like this: when you start your journey of self-discovery and healing, it's common to sometimes feel like things are getting tougher before they get better. It's a bit like cleaning out a cluttered room. At first, it seems messier as you sort through everything. But in our work together, it often means you're diving deeper, confronting those hidden feelings, and stirring things up to ultimately find clarity and healing. So, if you're experiencing this, know that it's a sign of progress on your path to inner peace and growth. Keep going. You've got this!

I felt so much better immediately after starting to work with you, but then I reverted back to my old ways. What gives?

There's a concept in therapy known as "the honeymoon phase" or "initial improvement." I can explain it like this: When you start doing this kind of inner work, you might experience a burst of feeling better. It's like catching a glimpse of the sun after a storm. However, sometimes, after this initial boost, old symptoms or challenges can resurface. It's actually a very normal part of the healing journey.

Think of it as your mind's way of testing the waters. It's like taking two steps forward and one step back. But remember, this phase is temporary, and with the right guidance, you'll learn to navigate those ups and downs more smoothly. Keep the faith, and trust that progress continues, even if it feels like a detour now and then.

I am concerned that this is new age spiritual healing.

My past work as a therapist and now as a Holistic Mental Health Practitioner is vastly different from New Age thinking. In almost all New Age systems of thought, there is a very strong emphasis on people’s positive experiences with very little attention given to the deeper structures of the unconscious and the pain shared by people.

In contrast, my approach brings attention to difficult emotions—and the limiting beliefs that precede them in order to move beyond these painful experiences. I also teach my clients to recognize and refute those beliefs to regain awareness of and intimacy with their True or Authentic Self, which is the source of real happiness and inner peace.

Do I have to be religious or believe in God for a holistic/transpersonal approach to help?

Rest assured, exploring transpersonal guidance does not bind you to any religious doctrine or require faith in a divine being. Spirituality, in my perspective, is about embracing our innate completeness and the intricate interconnections that shape our Authentic Essence. It's important, however, to highlight the potential of nurturing a relationship with your own Inner Guide (aka your Authentic Self or Inner Therapist), as this can be a powerful tool in overcoming challenges tied to anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. I weave these principles into my approach in diverse ways, and I extend a warm invitation to you: absorb what truly resonates and set aside what doesn't quite fit.

While the nature of my work presumes an obvious spiritual orientation, I will never impose my beliefs on you. Our work together is designed to lead you toward an experience rather than a theology while maximizing opportunities for you to delve inward and discover your own answers and insights.

I’m worried that I will be judged for having a different belief system.

I am well aware that there are thousands of paths leading to the experience of Wholeness, or “Reality” (i.e., God, Buddha Nature, Oneness, etc.)—each honorable unto themselves. And none are more or less superior to the next. That’s why my non-denominational psycho-spiritual approach fits well with all systems of thought.

Whether religious, spiritual, secular, or undecided, I welcome people of all backgrounds. I am dedicated to helping you reclaim your connection with your True Self, the innate and irrefutable innocence, joy, peace, power, brilliance, and worth that has always resided at the center of your being in wait for your remembrance.

Curious about what lies ahead? Me too!