Experiencing True Union: Transcending Separation in Our Relationships

Bridging the Gap: From Intellectual Understanding to Experiential Connection

In our quest for understanding the nature of reality, we often come across the concept that “we are all connected,” and that “we are all one.” Most people (at least in the personal bubble of my life) have heard these memes and, in fact, agree with them. They are lovely thoughts! These ideas are popular because they resonate with us on a very deep level. Yet, while these ideas may resonate intellectually, the felt-sense, the deep knowing remains, for the most part, distant from our actual experience. No doubt, they are comforting thoughts to think and can even offer a smidgen of hope along the way through the challenges of our lives and a world that seems to be falling apart at the seams. However, mere intellectual knowledge does not and has never transformed our lives unless we can truly feel and embody what we have learned. This discrepancy is something many of us grapple with, including my clients.

“In my work, I strive to guide them towards practical approaches that enable them to touch the profound sense of Oneness and interconnectedness.”

In my private practice, I tend to attract clients who appreciate the sentiment that “we are all one,” yet the pain in their lives can seem insurmountable to the point where such a meme ends up feeling more like an unreachable goal; a hopelessly unattainable dream set somewhere off in the distant future, even too far away to give it much credence. Yet, despite appreciating the sentiment and their accompanying cynicism, they struggle to bridge the gap between intellectual understanding and experiential connection. The experiential connection is ultimately quite natural because when we strip away all the obstacles in our mind that prevent us from experiencing it, it’s just there. It’s who we are. In my work, I strive to guide my clients towards practical approaches that enable them to touch the profound sense of Oneness and interconnectedness.

Breaking the Illusion of Separation

It is remarkable how our lives are filled with instances where we perpetuate our sense of separation from the whole. This tendency is most evident in our relationships, be it with our partners, family, friends, or coworkers. However, it extends further to encompass our connection to our community, culture, government, and the various institutions that we interact with and are immersed in throughout our day-to-day existence. If we are paying close attention, we will come to notice that often, our interactions are colored by comparison, the need to prove ourselves superior or inferior, opinions, blame, judgments, and preferences. These patterns of relating maintain a semblance of connection, a painful pattern of relating that keeps us trapped in a discouraging and exhausting illusion of separateness.

“The experience of seeing, feeling, and remembering who we are holds the possibility of setting us on a deeply meaningful path of living in the light of remembrance of our true inheritance, and being that light in the world.”

It doesn’t need to be this way, and yet a shift in the kind of thinking, perspective, and experience that I’m talking about is a very individual undertaking and requires a certain willingness and dedication that most people are not prepared to make. The reasons why this is so will require another blog post for another time. Suffice it to say for now: we are very attached to our belief in separation, even though it is not true. Yet, to overcome this belief requires us to look at and release the beliefs that maintain this illusion; the same beliefs that make up our sense of who we have come to think we are as separate, unique, special individuals. We truly treasure and deeply value our individuality and would be hard-pressed to give it up, unless we caught a glimpse of the experience of what is really possible when we remember who we are in our Wholeness. That’s the game-changer. The experience of seeing, feeling, and remembering who we are holds the possibility of setting us on a deeply meaningful path of living in the light of remembrance of our true inheritance, and being that light in the world.

Using Relationships as a Path to Awakening

What if our relationships could serve as the catalysts for awakening from this dream of separation? What if we could transform the way we relate to others, transmuting comparisons, judgments, and opinions into an experience of true Union and Oneness? Imagine utilizing our relationships with ourselves and others as profound teachers, revealing that we are, in fact, not separate from the world, the environment, the universe. Consider the possibility that we have never truly departed from a state of wholeness. Such an experience would be nothing short of incredible. Tectonic!

The Power of a Glimpse

Even a brief glimpse of this interconnectedness and Oneness can ignite a spark of hope within us. It instills us with a profound sense of joy and motivates us to continue on the path of seeming separation to true Union. To know that there is a way to experience peace and harmony within our minds and in the world is a powerful incentive. It is a truly empowering experience that reminds us that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the way-showers. Such a shift in perception generally requires diligent practice to see and experience reality and relationships in such a new and brilliant light. But if we can see that there is actually a way of freeing ourselves from the painful illusion of separation, the willingness to dedicate ourselves to such a cause would be a boundlessly joyful and incredibly inspiring journey that would make a profound difference in our lives and the world.

Embracing the Tapestry of Oneness in Our Relationships

The journey toward realizing our inherent Oneness and interconnectedness is not an abstract concept confined to philosophical debates. It is a tangible and transformative experience waiting to be discovered within the depths of our relationships. By unraveling the patterns of separation and embracing practices that foster connection, we awaken to a profound truth: we are not isolated entities but integral to an intricate tapestry of existence. As always, I hope to embark on this journey together, nurturing the seeds of Oneness within ourselves and extending them to every interaction we have. In doing so, we contribute to the collective awakening and bring about a world rooted in love, harmony, and unity.