From Ego to Essence: An Exploration of Radical Allowing

Navigating the Mind’s Landscapes

If you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, you will invariably be navigating the vast landscapes of your mind. The essence of my work with you lies in guiding you to become acutely aware of your thoughts and feelings, distinguishing between the false self (ego) and the True Self (Wholeness). Picture them as two distinct thought systems in your mind. If this distinction remains elusive, the ego, often rooted in feelings of unworthiness and endless comparison, takes the reins.

Following the lead of the false self leads you ever more deeply into a mental maze of confusion, far from the path to happiness. It’s like tuning in to a channel that constantly tells you that you’re unworthy, broken, and forever lacking. Not the most uplifting soundtrack for your life, right?

Shifting the Narrative from Pain to Peace

So, we intend to shift this narrative from one of pain to one of peace. In our work together we practice recognizing the false self for what it is—a storyteller with nothing valuable to offer (unless you have a penchant for pain and self-deprecation, which we all do until we don’t, right?) Together, we aim to fortify your connection with the Right Mind, the Whole/True/Self within you. As you practice choosing peace over chaos, joy over judgment and love over lack, the illusions gradually lose their grip, revealing the serene backdrop of your True Essence.

At the core of our collaboration is the art of watching the ego/false self without judgment, akin to observing scenes unfold on the movie screen of your mind. It’s a process of looking without blinders, acknowledging that no thought or feeling can harm you. The real pain comes from your judgment, a cycle we strive to break by welcoming every mental phenomenon with non-judgmental radical allowing.

In Truth, with a capital “T,” you are perfect, untainted by the antics of the ego. Despite the ego’s persuasive teachings, the real You is whole, complete, secure, and beyond comparison or judgment. This understanding might seem distant as the ego’s influence is strong, but the truth remains: your essence is love, worthiness, and completeness.

The Art of Watching Without Judgment: Breaking the Cycle of Pain

Let’s address the illusion that you, as a person and a body in this world, define your true self. Undoing this belief doesn’t mean your body vanishes; it’s about recognizing that your identity runs deeper than your identity as a person. It’s important to remind yourself repeatedly that beyond the body and personal identity lies an animating force—the Essence of who You are in Truth. The belief that you are your body is a wellspring of ongoing pain, for you and everyone, because bodies are subject to aging, illness, pain, and ultimately, mortality. This can be overcome and it does take practice. But the benefits speak for themselves, and they include an abundance of joy, peace, trust, and love.

Discerning Truth from illusion in the mind is indeed a transformative journey. It’s a return to a place you never truly left, a rediscovery of your essence. Unwittingly, you’ve given allegiance to a version of yourself you are not. But fear not, for this journey is your exploration, a trek to rediscover the authentic You—whole, capable, and worthy. As we navigate this terrain, together with your commitment to awaken to your true abundance, you will find serenity and joy in the embrace of your true self.