Sacred relationship agreements (3)- Suggestions for practice

Study the agreements (together and alone): As a practice, it may be helpful to begin by sitting quietly for a minute or two, taking in a moment of silence and a few breaths.

a. Take some time to read these agreements with your partner or friend. If there is an agreement or part of an agreement that doesn’t feel right, feel free to adapt it, but do so together so that you are both in agreement.

b. Take time each week to join together to read and talk about one of the agreements. What does it mean to you? How might you be able to practice bringing the agreement into your relationship?

c. On your own, take time to study and practice one principle per day. Make note to yourself of what you notice about how your attention to the agreement impacts the ways in which you relate to your partner or friend.

Commit yourself to learn and practicing the Seven Key Principles of Sacred Relationship Communication*:

a. Ask yourself if you are willing to ask for help. This can be from your partner, a friend, or a Higher Power.

b. Choose to be 100% accountable (without blame) for your trigger or discomfort. This means not projecting onto another, onto your body, the past, or the world as the cause.

c. Check in with yourself and see if you are willing to be emotionally transparent/vulnerable with yourself and/or your partner or friend.

d. See if you are willing to be radically self-honest with where you are at. This means going inside and seeing what is really going on for you beneath the surface trigger (which is always a defense).

e. Determine if you are willing to be defenseless. If you are defensive, it’s because you mistakenly identified with/as the ego or false self.

f. Ask yourself if you are willing to trust the process. Are you giving the process over to the Voice for Truth/Higher Self in your mind? Or are you still attempting to control (with the ego/false self)?

g. Finally, are you willing to feel gratitude for the gift of disrupting the ego’s resistance to Love and union? Are you genuinely grateful for this learning opportunity?

*With gratitude, adapted from Nouk Sanchez’s Seven Key Principles of Holy Relationships and A Course in Miracles.

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