The Power of Shifting Perspectives

As a holistic mental health practitioner, I love discovering how our thoughts and feelings work. One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how we sometimes feel like we’re victims.

We tend to blame things or people when something goes wrong, like a fight with a friend or a problem in the world. But holding on to this belief that we’re always the ones being wronged keeps us stuck and feeling like we can’t change things.

So let’s take a closer look at this victim mentality. Even though we don’t want to see ourselves as victims, we often do. And this belief can make us unhappy and add to the problems in the world.

The golden nugget takeaway is that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. The pain and problems we see around us are more like effects, not the real cause of our unhappiness.

So, why do we blame others so easily? It’s like we’re avoiding looking at the things we don’t like about ourselves. Instead, we project these feelings onto others, making them the ‘bad guys.’

But here’s the thing: We can change this pattern. We can face our feelings and thoughts, even the ones we don’t like, and forgive ourselves. It’s about remembering that we’re actually good and kind deep down.

This isn’t just about us; it’s about the world too. When we change how we see ourselves, we start seeing others in a better light too. Our suffering isn’t because of what’s outside, but what’s inside us. I appreciate a saying that goes something like: “What we are seeing in the world is an outside picture of an inward condition”.

We’re all connected; when we remember our goodness, we can bring more love into the world. It’s a journey back to feeling whole, safe, and happy.