The Sinking Ladder

Breaking Free from the Quicksand of Unawareness and the Endless Pursuit of External Validation

In our fast-paced, modern world, the majority of us remain oblivious to the untapped potential within our minds and the profound impact that a healthy, trained mind has on our well-being. This understanding is more recognized in other parts of the world where the significance of training the mind is and has been embraced as a vital aspect of holistic health for a very long time.

Unlike our dedication to strengthening our physical bodies, we often neglect the importance of nurturing our minds. The untrained mind reflects our tolerance for wandering thoughts, yet we fail to recognize this as a primary source of our mental and emotional distress.

From the holistic perspective that I embrace, the present moment is the sacred space where happiness, joy, peace, safety, value, love, connection, belonging, and wholeness reside. Many seek these qualities externally, unaware that they already hold the key to these experiences within themselves.

The Neglected Mind: A Source of Mental and Emotional Challenges

Depression and anxiety, common companions on this journey, stem from a mind shackled to a timeline from past to future. However, from a holistic viewpoint, only the present moment exists—a realm where abiding peace, love, safety, and joy can and are experienced.

Why has this awareness eluded most for so long? The answer lies in the vigilant thought system of the false self, the illusionary identity we cling to and will continue to cling to until we discern its true nature. The false self keeps us from questioning and thinking critically (how can we critically assess something we can’t see and don’t know exists?!), trapping us in an endless cycle of attempting to climb a ladder that’s sinking in quicksand where we endlessly pursue a happiness that remains just out of reach, outside of us.

To break free from this pattern, we must become aware of this illusion and discover an alternative path out of the quicksand. Sinking ladders will never lead us to fulfillment even though it can seem like we’re climbing and making “progress”. Recognizing you’re trying to climb a sinking ladder is the first step toward liberating yourself and reconnecting with the essence at the core of your being which I’ll refer to here as the True Self.

In a world motivated by instant gratification, our minds have become soft, and we don’t even realize it. We think it’s normal and don’t realize how our mind wandering is perhaps one of the most unnatural aspects of who we are. Yet, lost in a world of distractions that we have not accurately discerned, we live in a past and future “reality” at the peril of missing out on the happiness that is to be found only in the here and now.

Still, we don’t realize how we are shooting ourselves in the foot as we allow our untrained minds to guide our lives without the realization that the thought system that we are listening to is completely erroneous and itself, misguided. The one that we could and should be listening to that will give us the peace and joy we want is the right mind, the True Self. Still, we don’t realize this, so we keep listening to the wrong inner teacher.

Awakening to the True Self: A Quest for Fulfillment

In my work with my clients, I employ various approaches that encourage recognizing the voice of “not truth” in our minds and gradually shifting identification over to the True Self. These include:

  1. Meditation: Using a practice that comes in many styles, you can use this mind-watching technique to embark on a journey inward to discover the innate wholeness of your mind.
  2. Conscious response statements: I use a specific formula to craft these statements to equip you with tools to reshape thought patterns and foster a positive mindset.
  3. Inspirational poems and quotes: Using sources of wisdom to prompt self-reflection and ignite your inspiration and a felt sense of your innate wholeness.
  4. Prayer: This is a wonderful practice to connect with your deeper, True Self.

Each of these methods aims to awaken awareness of a part of your mind that recognizes its inherent completeness. Shifting your identification from the false self to the True Self is a quest, a quest that is both spontaneous and intentional, guiding you toward a fulfilling and joyful existence.